100 Days of GB News: Why That Nasty Channel Was Always Going To Be A Chaotic, Hateful Mess

IPreviously, ruthlessly removing the *** from GB News was the job of clever wokies from hell like me. So I’m privately angry that a recently unemployed journalist is suddenly trying to make his mark on my turf. This man is, of course, Andrew Neil.

Until recently, the seasoned broadcaster was the president and main presenter of the fledgling news network. He stood up for the station during its disastrous launch – which I have already spoken about – but after quitting he now makes jokes about how the studio was in such a state that it “looked like Kim Jong-” one in a bunker about to launch a nuclear attack. on San Francisco ”. He was almost forced to put on makeup and now feels that the whole experience was worse than when he was on the IRA and jihad target lists.

Neil’s revelations are just the latest installment from Real Housewives of GB News. After taking the time to retire to his home in France, Neil passed his crown as GB News flagship presenter to nemesis Nigel Farage. Neil reportedly expressed to management the wish not to work with Nige. He also criticized them for the size of his private jet. Farage’s rise to power seemed to mean a shift from balanced reporting and quality guests to more confrontational, more culturally conflicting, and more arousing content. And to make things even spicier, rivals Piers Morgan and Rupert Murdoch are watching behind the scenes – both will soon be launching their own right-wing news channel called TalkTV and will no doubt be watching GB News while licking their lips as a pair of sweet foxes that have just been sent to a penthouse full of chickens.

All of this right-to-right bickering has made the headlines, but a more pressing question exists: What is GB News really broadcasting to people? As it hit its 100th day on air last Tuesday, I tune in throughout the week to see where the station has ended up editorially now that the dust has settled.

Let’s start with the little things first. The graphics are still proudly red, white, and blue, but the stage music is both a little more funkie and a little more current (a terrifying soundclash, I think you’ll agree). The channel now has weather updates which makes it a bit more successful and normal. Above all, there are a lot less f *** – ups, which isn’t difficult considering his first week was as wasted as a man giving a bag full of cocaine to an elementary school raffle. . It’s still quite complicated. The slow fades of the commercials let the hosts talk to the producers while staying on the air. Credit for typos The Andrew Marr Show like “The Alan Marr Show”. One morning, there are workers smashing the shit out of the building next door. CNN on election night, no.

After turmoil from advertisers who canceled their slots when the channel launched, some still remain, such as frequent spots for foam mattresses and hassle-free cremation options – it looks like the demographics of GB News are older. . Segments on topics like access to general practitioners and online fraud confirm this. While GB News is characterized in the national consciousness by its outspoken brandings, perhaps the strangest aspects of its production occur in the calm and puzzlingly moderated daytime broadcasts.

One of the station’s most mind-boggling changes is how obsessed it is with the Westminster bubble now. This was a network that was launched in June to tell people it was engaged in local issues that matter to real people, not SW1A gossip. In a hilarious dereliction from its mission statement, the station is now obsessed with issues in and around parliament. Some of them aren’t really that great.

Andrew Neil says he left GB News because he didn’t want to be part of ‘British Fox News’

Former Labor MP Gloria de Piero hosts a midday show that mainly discusses with MPs the legislation and the causes they champion. Less discussed issues such as motor neuron disease and baby loss are explored. It’s a pretty informative show. Less impressive, however, is the way the station goes into parliamentary business for endlessly long tracks during the day, perhaps because it’s free content for them and gives them all a break – like tired parents putting on an extra long director’s cut Frozen. Even when outside broadcasts venture out of London, such as a report from Sheffield late last week, it is to cover the fraud trial of former Labor MP Jared O’Mara. It’s better than Neil Oliver’s show this weekend, which sees the outdoor Scottish history presenter focus an entire segment on Australia’s lockdown. Australia on GB News? Ah yes, because when it comes to editorial values, any sense of purpose or cohesion goes out the window when a presenter has a huge ax to grind …

To be frank, GB News is a tough, mean channel. It’s the media equivalent of Millwall fans at the height of football hooliganism. While the days are generally milder, they always pass violently from the harmless to the grotesque without any warning. It’s the kind of station that gleefully talks about the death penalty at 9:30 a.m., or features someone from a Christian alliance group who suggests there’s still room to slap children in 2021. A segment titled “Was Bond a Rapist?” Does not include any of the fundamental sensitivities that any modern discussion of sexual assault could reasonably be expected to have today. He even tries to tone down the premise of the question by suggesting that many men are also subjected to violence in Bond films.

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Part of the problem is that instead of presenting the viewer with current events that they can, in turn, turn into views or opinions, GB News works in reverse. It essentially presents the same rotating set of views and opinions, which are weakly triggered by a series of current events, however bogus they are. Some of these totemic views include: we don’t like Meghan and Harry, being woken up is bad, canceling cultivation is bad, lockdowns are a disgrace, Green or BLM activists are dangerous idiots and, finally, vaccines and climate change: hmm, no of course, we haven’t fully made up our minds yet.

Three men set the tone for what GB News is now, and where it could go in the future if it is able to limp much further.

The first is Farage, who strangely undermines his rightful status as a formidable political actor by having some of the most whimsical TV ideas on this side of an Alan Partridge pitch reunion. His daily hour-long show features a segment called Barrage the Farage, where he answers questions from his fans on Twitter (which he points out that he certainly hasn’t seen beforehand). Who needs a peek before when they’re as mundane as, “How do you keep going even if you wake up at 5 in the morning every morning, Nigel?” Then there’s WTF – What The Farage, in which Nige tells us what’s going on today (giving BLM training in the NHS is dangerous Marxism, that sort of thing). The most surreal is Talking Pints, which is a friendly chat in a conventional news studio office with, well, pints. Pints, right there on the desk. I love to drink and I love the news, but my god it’s a sad sight to see them combined like this. If other countries are still broadcasting those TV shows that are showing weird and wacky foreign TV clips, surely Talking Pints ​​is the one they’ll use to poke fun at Britain today.

If Farage gets a few sips at 7 p.m., at 10 p.m., GB News is a mess of the network. That’s when Dan Wootton takes over and pushes GB News’s tone to new lows. Wootton is the kind of nighttime television host and Online Mail columnist who has the stones to shout: “Why isn’t anyone talking about this ?! at the same time, you know, speaking of that. He speaks softly and slowly at the end of sentences to frightening and disapproving effect, much like Margaret Thatcher used to do. His twisted obsession with Meghan Markle borders on deranged, while his introduction of guest Neil Fox as a “broadcast legend” proves he is actually deranged. He is only really consistent on the subject of drugs: both full of alarming rhetoric, hesitant about vaccines, and also shocked and dismayed that people are using cocaine (note that even the tabloids have avoided this form of false disapproval in recent years, aware of the hypocrisy of everyone from cabinet ministers to its open use). This is, for my money, the worst TV show I can remember seeing. At times, it reminded me of being bullied as a kid.

So far, the synonymous names of GB News – from Neil and Farage to news veterans Colin Brazier and Alastair Stewart, or even shock jocks like Mark Dolan – have been aging blowers whose fame has already come. and left. But those engrossed in the soap opera aspect of GB News have ignored Tom Harwood – the ubiquitous young presenter, expert and journalist who probably sets the ethics of GB News more than anyone. He’s the one Murdoch and Morgan really want to watch out for.

Thomas Hedley Fairfax Harwood is only 25 years old and constantly dresses as if he were three proseccos at a chic wedding. He has the true political savvy and expertise of a Westminster journalist in his mid-forties, but most importantly, he has the opinions and life outlook of a jaded 88-year-old retired Colonel. As recently as 2016, he was just a sophomore at Durham Uni, making a name for himself online by posing as a ‘satirical’ joke contender for the NUS who pledged to defeat Isis and claimed Harambe, the silverback gorilla who launched a thousand internet memes, as a supporter. After working for a right-wing politics site Guido Fawkes, he is now both a host and a constant on-screen presence on GB News. He is articulate, knowledgeable, handsome and deeply obnoxious at the same time. He can pass for a normal, impartial journalist for a few minutes at a time, before suddenly turning on and gleefully referring to the “horrible towers of south London” in a segment on housing, or advocating for self-defense justice. and “biffing” the protesters from Isulate Britain (seriously, who said “biffing”?) before the police tear up the insulation of their own homes, just to annoy them.

How a young man came to carry such a bitter and angry view of the world is only an afterthought. It’s a machine and really the only hope that GB News has for a sustainable future. My only question now is how far he will go and if Piers Morgan is already shaking in his reactionary boots.

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