100 million Nigerians excluded from internet benefits – Group

The Nigerian School of Community Networks Coordinator, Haruna Hadejia, said as many as 100 million Nigerians are excluded from the benefits of the internet.

Hadejia made the statement during a press conference on the need for a national citizen-driven policy for sustainable community networks to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria.

He said: “The international dimension of the digital divide remains a major issue in the global fight for justice. This requires developed and developing countries to work together to address it. But the internal dimension of the digital divide is what we, as citizens and as a country, can and must address.

“In the current context, the certainty of the internal divide of the digital divide is systematically recognized by the government and its agencies. According to government statistics, only about half of Nigerians have access to the internet.

“This means that inside the country, an estimated 100 million people are already being left behind and excluded from the benefits of the internet.

“To support this point, we can provide some illustrations to help you understand how those left behind by the benefits of digital technology are being left behind.”

Hadejia said that people who do not benefit from the Internet do not have access to certain special interventions provided by financial institutions; usually have difficulty coping with computer-based exams; did not have an identity as they were not yet registered with the National Identity Management Commission due to lack of internet infrastructure.

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