14 Gratitude Journals to Help You with Your Daily Writing Practice

Thanks to all kinds of advantages – it can not only increase empathy, happiness and self-esteem, but also decrease depression and aggression. So whether you’re a journaling pro with access prompts or just to start, it’s worth adding a daily gratitude practice to the mix. Below, we’ve collected 14 gratitude journals, ranging from undated free-form pages to guided prompts for each day that encourage you with inspirational quotes.

Alleoop Grateful Duo ($24)

Celebrate your successes with this pocket journal that asks you to list three things you are grateful for each day. Bonus points for the three black pens that come with it.

Mint green gratitude journal with green pen, paperclip and ribbon.

MochiThings 365 Gratitude Journal ($29)

With a glossy coated pocket cover, this journal drops dates to give users more flexibility, although pages are numbered 1-365.

Poketo gratitude journal with colorful holding hands.

Poketo Gratitude Diary ($28)

This year-long journal contains tips for practicing gratitude, journaling prompts, and inspirational quotes.

ship's gratitude journal

Of It All Ship Gratitude Journal ($22)

Where traditional gratitude journals ask you to list what you are grateful for, Vessel offers a layout that invites you to view your life holistically – with an eye to areas that have abundance and those that provide space.

Colorblock gratitude journal.

Quickly Journals Gratitude Journal ($30)

Find prompts such as “I’m lucky to have ___ in my life, that’s why” and “What past experiences do you feel grateful for?” in this year-long spiral journal.

Teal cloth bound gratitude journal with woman sketch.

MyRyve Daily Gratitude Journal ($22)

An affirmation journal, gratitude journal and self-reflection journal all in one, this fabric-covered board book has a page for each day of the year.

Purple hardcover gratitude journal.

Ink Gratitude Journal + Voting ($27)

Find 60 days of entries plus 10 weekly challenges in this hardcover journal designed to stay flat.

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Main photo courtesy of Ordinary Habit.