5 Times Adin Ross Caught The Internet’s Attention In 2022

Despite courting controversies throughout his streaming career, Adin Ross gradually built a very successful Twitch and is currently one of the most popular streamers on the platform with 6.7 million subscribers.

Adin had some really big stories in 2022, with a few scandals and a ban to boot. Here’s a list of five times Adin Ross made the news in 2022 (in no particular order).

5 times Adin Ross made headlines in 2022

1) The time he brought Andrew Tate to his channel

Probably Adin Ross’ most controversial moment this year was when he had controversial internet figure Andrew Tate on his Twitch channel, making his first appearance on the Amazon-owned platform. The first stream led to Tate being featured on many subsequent shows in which he made controversial comments about women and their roles in relationships.

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Streamers such as HasanAbi have since called out Adin Ross for giving Andrew Tate and its misogyny a platform on a streaming website primarily used by younger audiences, saying:

“Andrew Tate is a se* trafficker in Romania who escapes the law. I don’t understand why he’s on the Adin Ross Stream. And I don’t want to say, ‘Oh, I can’t believe Adin Ross did that .’ Like it’s an irresponsible platform. I totally understand why Adin Ross would do that. That’s exactly what he would do.”

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Even after the former kickboxer and Romanian resident was banned from most major social media outlets, Adin had him on the channel talking about the ban.

2) Victim of streaming swatting

In August, the streamer suffered swatting while broadcasting live to thousands of people. An armed police team stormed his house after someone called the police citing a potential threat. We could even see a few cops come into the room with guns.

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In a later tweet, Adin confirmed that although it was a very traumatic experience, he was not physically harmed.

“I got run over last night, very very scary. I’m doing well. I love you guys…Sick world we live in man.”

I was run over last night, very very scary. I’m doing well. I love you. In addition, the speed was also crushed, we just hung up the phone, it is fine! Sick world we live in man. ❤️ https://t.co/MN0BxHeAOZ

3) Security thwarts an alleged attack on Adin

Very recent news about streamer Just Chatting has generated a lot of interest online, as other streamers such as Kai Cenat have also reacted to it. Apparently some random person on the streets tried to attack Adin Ross. Security guards accompanying the content creator had to physically restrain the attacker.

A clip of the altercation was uploaded to Twitter by a fan account called AdinUpdates. It shows the streamer surrounded by people as the alleged attacker was carried away after being knocked unconscious by a guard.

4) Breaking up with PamiBaby and the ensuing OF drama

In a much sweeter story, Adin Ross’ recent breakup with PamiBaby has been widely talked about in his community since the pair had been together for quite some time. What tickled the streamer’s public fantasies the most, however, came months later when PamiBaby announced that it would open an OF account.

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Adin Ross initially had mixed feelings about the announcement and seemed unhappy with the news. The next day, he started his stream by hosting a bull stream with a group of people. The importance of how he started the flow being surrounded by four women did not escape viewers.

After introducing them, he went on to say that he accepted PamiBaby’s decision and acknowledged that he had no right to say anything on her behalf.

5) Banned for “hateful conduct”

Trigger Warning: Homophobia

Adin Ross received a ‘Indefinite’ ban from Twitch after being overheard he used a homophobic slur while streaming in April. The platform didn’t ban him immediately because the apparent violation happened days before the ban, which made some people doubt if that was the case.

Many, however, were sure it was and referenced a stream between him and YouRAGE where he could be heard using the f-word as they spoke.

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Adin even posted a screenshot of the email sent by Twitch which noted that he had been banned for hateful conduct, but deleted it after the fact. However, screenshots of the post were shared by many people on social media.

Adin deleted this so maybe he found out why he got banned. https://t.co/RKWTWMhi4B

Adin Ross was then banned in June and fans welcomed him with open arms. Since then, it broadcasts regularly.

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