Amazon briefly bans itself from Internet Twitch, says Technology News

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon briefly banned himself from Twitch after a show host became a thug and exposed himself on the air.

The host of the Spanish talk show “Esto es un Late”, Henar Alvarez accidentally revealed her breasts during a live broadcast.

Even though the camera quickly cut her off when the incident happened, she joked “We’re about to be banned.”

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The e-commerce giant, owner of Twitch since 2014, had to go out of business for nearly 24 hours. He then deleted the show from his channel.

StreamerBans, a Twitter account that tracks the latest bans on Twitch, asked, “So now how do I explain this to my bosses?” “

Alvarez responded to this tweet and said: “Tell them I promise that from now on I will always wear a bra to host the show. I am so sorry I was wrong and it will not happen. will reproduce more.

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“For those posing as female, we ask that you cover your nipples. We do not allow exposed underbust,” Twitch said in its guidelines.

It also does not allow “sexually suggestive content” such as focusing the camera on “breasts, buttocks or pelvic area”.

Twitch has come under pressure from users to tackle abuse on its site, including targeted harassment and so-called hate raids where streamers’ chats are inundated with harassing messages.

About 70% of its users are between 13 and 34 years old. They collectively watch 68 to 73 million hours of gameplay each day, according to the unofficial Twitch Tracker data site.

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