Barnaby Joyce Joins Local Media in Highlighting Importance of Regional Newspapers | Independent from the Namoi valley

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DEMOCRACY is threatened if regional and independent newspapers are wiped out by the digital age, according to New England MP and Deputy Premier Barnaby Joyce. His comments follow the launch of a parliamentary inquiry into regional news services, which will examine the role they play in small communities across the country. Mr Joyce said that without the local media, there would be no control over boards and other organizations that can have such a big impact on people’s lives as federal and state governments. “You cannot have democracy without a dynamic fourth estate; the media, ”he said. “If you didn’t have local newspapers, how would you know what your local council was doing, how would you go about disseminating the information, how would you go about getting surveys that are vitally important? “This is one of the reasons I have a big problem with online platforms, because they take all the advertising on Facebook and Google, but they don’t do the job. And they have no rigor. Manilla Express editor-in-chief John Martin shares the sentiment of Joyce, who has seen the importance of local media over the years. He also believes that while it was already crucial, regional media has grown in importance since the onset of COVID, with national news and officials relying too heavily on the dissemination of information digitally. the people they’re trying to get the message out to are not on social media, ”he said. Manila, we never had anything from the state government. He said small print media could still be produced as newspapers for decades before operations were fully online, and should be supported until then. With COVID affecting the advertiser that said, he is hopeful the investigation will result in some financial support being made available to newspapers. “It would be greatly appreciated if they could [give grants]”, he said. Uralla Wordsworth editor-in-chief Louis van Ekert said he would appreciate some grants as well, but only if they are” unconditional, “which he says may be a rare thing for the government. Asked about the emphasis many news agencies place on the digital market, he said it was important for small community newspapers to keep printing, with some places still struggling to receive an Internet connection, do not have Internet access or are not technologically savvy enough to read online, “he said. “My personal opinion is that despite the fact that young people read online and spend a fair amount of time online, there is still a need for printed paper, as it is not always possible to read online.” Unless the federal government fixes the NBN once and for all, there are many areas in Ouralla County, like Bundarra, where the internet connection is dismal, so there are places where it is physically impossible. to go online to read a newspaper. ”Submissions to the survey can be made until January 28, 2022.