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Logo courtesy: BNC GO Instagram page

The Black News Channel, a national television network based in Tallahassee, has launched a new streaming service, BNC GO. It is designed to attract and educate Millennials and Gen Z audiences in black and brown communities.

The network describes BNC GO as fast, informative and entertaining. BNC GO offers media coverage every day of the week from 6 a.m. to midnight ET. BNC GO broadcasts information, entertainment and everything in between. It streams 24/7 on leading platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung, Vizio, Pluto, Tubi, and more.

BNC GO’s 6pm media coverage includes “The Moring Hype” 6am to noon hosted by Michelle Fisher; “The Midday Jolt” from 12pm to 6pm hosted by Marcel Clarke; and “After Six” from 6 pm to midnight hosted by Jimmy Marlow.

BNC GO’s Morning Hype host Fisher loves BNC GO content.

“I love that we cover so many different topics including today’s headline, politics, sports, entertainment, travel, health and technology,” Fisher said in an interview. “We listen to what is happening everywhere and what is happening to guide us in our storytelling. We have the pulse of what people are talking about and what interests them. This is how we build our show.

According to BNC, BNC and BNC GO are accessible through more than 250 million distribution points through agreements in place with most of the major cable and satellite providers, OTT platforms and internet-connected devices.

Marcel Clarke, host of BNC GO’s “Midday Jolt”, says BNC GO offers accessible and authentic content.

“We’re bringing you what you need to know in the fastest, most informative way,” Clarke said. “We educate and tell the truth to our Millennial and Gen Z viewers. Lots of people go to social media platforms to get informed, and not all of the content on these platforms is always the truth. We are delivering authentic information the right way. BNC GO is fast, easy to use and accessible. You can watch us on your phone on the bus, in an Uber, or while walking to class.

According to the network, BNC is the fastest growing news network in the country, providing 24/7 cross-platform content that lights up and celebrates black and brown communities.

Alexys Lynn, graduate of FAMU’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication and production assistant at BNC, is delighted with the continued growth of BNC GO.

“I’ve been with BNC for a year and four months now, and they continue to amaze me,” Lynn said. “At BNC, we grow by learning and doing something new every day. I want BNC GO to explode and become the primary media for Generation Y. BNC GO is already big; However, I want it to continue to grow and reach more viewers and platforms.

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