Bloomsbury announces the indexing of its six journals

DOHA: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals (BQFJ) announced yesterday that six of its leading journals are now indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This includes QScience Connect, the publisher’s interdisciplinary journal that covers research from all disciplines considered valid, ethical and correct.

Speaking about the announcement, BQFJ Managing Director Arend Kuester said, “This is fantastic news for BQFJ. Since 2010, we have been publishing key research and providing a platform for global researchers to promote their work. The inclusion of these 6 key journals in DOAJ underpins the hard work that has gone into making these reviews a success, and we look forward to the increased visibility and usage that will no doubt result.

Indexed journals, which are published on the BQFJ’s digital publishing portal,, include the International Review of Law; QScience Connect; Global science and practice of cardiology; Journal of Local and Global Health Sciences; Journal of Local and Global Health Perspectives; and Journal of Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and Acute Care.

Additionally, the BQFJ participates in the RoMEO project, a searchable database of publisher policies regarding the self-archiving of journal articles on the web and in Open Access repositories. Kuester concluded, “Authors who publish in journals can archive the pre-print, post-print or published version without any embargo period. However, since self-archiving policies differ from publisher to publisher, authors may be confused as to what is allowed and what is not allowed.

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