boy creates artifacts from newspapers | News from Meerut

Muzaffarnagar: What started as an activity to kill time during the Covid-induced lockdown in 2020, turned into a passion for a resident of Muzaffarnagar district of UP.
Tushar Sharma was 19 when, like everyone else, he too was stuck at home due to the pandemic. One day, while suffering from intense boredom, he created a small artistic structure using tiny rolls of used newspaper pages that eventually revealed a passion in life.
Two years have passed and Tushar, who is now 21 and continuing his studies, has so far created the India Gate, the Red Fort rampart, Gandhi’s charkha and even the Lord Ram temple proposed to him. using tiny rolls of paper.
“The pandemic has turned into a blessing in disguise for me. I recently got a job at a school where I teach crafts using scraps. I eventually want to market this business by putting on an exhibition for its uniqueness because no one has done it before,” said the youngster who became quite famous in Muzaffarnagar for his unique interest.
Tushar even made a Punjabi singer model Sidhu Moose Wala On his birthday. “He (Sidhu) was close to everyone’s heart. He lives in the hearts of all children. I honored him through my art on his birthday. I would also like to ask all children to always remember him.”
He made a model of the Golden Temple on Guru Nanak Jayanti, in addition to a model of the Lord Ram Temple. “One day my brother-in-law challenged the Ram temple of Ayodhya to be built before you can build his model. I saw a photo of the temple on the internet and finished the model in a week. I made 15 beams from the log and prepared the temple turret,” Tushar said Mohd Dilhad