Breakthrough technology will revolutionize the UK internet market

With increasing regulatory requirements, the UK is looking to liberalize and simplify the domestic internet market offering consumers a hassle-free switching process

The UK Regulatory and Competition Authority for the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Postal Sectors (OFCOM), approved by the UK Government, recently ruled that people should be able to easily switch telecommunications providers in order to take advantage of the range of services available. The regulator points out that “easier switching allows people to shop with confidence to find the best price and service for their needs. Difficulties in the switching process can deter people from switching providers. Efficient switching is also important to support competitive investments and the adoption of faster, more reliable broadband.

Meanwhile, INCA, the UK’s Independent Networks Cooperative Association, which aims to support the development of the competitive digital infrastructure sector through collaborative activities, believes the UK urgently needs world-class 21st century digital infrastructure to support a competitive economy, which benefits both citizens and businesses.

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To achieve its goal, INCA has signed a service agreement with Lithuanian IT and telecommunications company Mediafon Datapro to deploy its state-of-the-art Internet Service Transfer (CWP) solution. The centralized migration system, which is revolutionizing the Internet service market, will connect all Internet service providers and network access operators in the country and take over the management, execution and control of service migration processes. The company plans to implement its solution in the UK in the first quarter of this year.

According to Arūnas Babrauskas, CEO of Mediafon Group, the brand new product has been developed in accordance with the relevant directive of the European Union (EU). The directive stipulates the mandatory transfer of Internet services for all EU member countries. “In many countries, access to Internet service delivery infrastructure and the process of switching operators are limited due to the uneven competitive environment. The EU has decided to restructure and liberalize this market. This is understandable because in the long term, the benefits will be felt by all stakeholders, and the price for the end user should drop by around 10-20%”, says A. Babrauskas.

A recent survey in the UK indicates that 82% of respondents say they could be persuaded to switch to a smaller, lesser-known provider, particularly if the service was cheaper or better. 55% of those who switched providers did so to save money, while 36% switched due to speed issues and a poor connection.

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According to Babrauskas, in the long term, not only consumers will benefit from the new technology, but Internet service providers as well. “Service operators have equal access to market customers and as a result competition is intensifying, the range of services is expanding and quality is improving. The consumer acquires the right to choose any service provider in the country, regardless of where the Internet services are used. It basically frees up the market,” he says.

Mediafon Datapro develops solutions for the portability and digital authentication of telephone numbers and Internet services, both for public authorities and for telecommunications operators. More than 300 million consumers and 250 telecommunications operators use the company’s products worldwide.

The Mediafon group currently consists of 6 companies. They provide IT and telecommunications services and solutions for businesses and the public sector on five continents.

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