Buffalo Newspaper Guild ratifies new three-year contract

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – The Buffalo Newspaper Guild said it ratified the tentative agreement reached with The Buffalo News and owner Lee Enterprises with a 75-1 vote last Friday.

Guild president Sandra Tan said the three-year deal offers increases, improvements and maintains many union benefits for The Buffalo News.

Tan also says the improvements include union-wide increases, additional increases for some of the Guild’s lowest-paid employees, more paid days off and a work-from-home policy, among others.

“This community spoke about the importance of protecting local journalism and the people who make this work possible at Buffalo News,” Tan said. “Their voices played a vital role in securing a new deal. We are very grateful for their support. “

She says the company also offered pension enhancements and reasonable 401 (k) contributions to members in return for the right to freeze the Guild’s pension plan.

“At a time when press journalism seems to be under attack from all sides,” Tan added. “We have an agreement that allows The Buffalo News to uphold its journalistic mission and its obligations to the employees who make the newspaper valuable.”

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