Calicut University Set to Launch Internet Radio on August 15

The University of Calicut plans to launch its own Internet radio show from August 15.

Titled “Radio CU,” the venture is expected to serve as a platform connecting campus activities to the outside world. According to Mr. Manoharan, a member of the Syndicate, the objective is to make the voice of the university heard by the people. “Information related to the university, including that related to research work being undertaken there, and events taking place on campus, will be disseminated. All arrangements for the launch are in place,” he said. We learn that the authorities are trying to obtain a distinguished guest for the inaugural ceremony.

According to sources, the internet radio station will provide a mix of news and entertainment, including lectures by prominent scholars. University officials hope it will also help the institution focus on new areas of research through interactions with people. Content will be curated by a team of teachers and students. The radio application can be downloaded on mobile phones. In the future, the show may be available for 24 hours.

It was the university’s internal quality assurance unit that suggested starting the company. The union then approved the idea and funds were allocated to set up a studio and other facilities. Sound engineers were also selected to move the project forward. His office is located in the Center for Teaching and Learning.