Campaign group calls for safe internet in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Internet Freedom Initiative working group has urged authorities to protect people’s rights and freedoms and enable an open, free and secure internet in Bangladesh.

He also asked for an extension of the deadlines for submitting opinions on the draft regulations which ended on Monday.

“We also urge relevant authorities to allow users of the digital public space to enjoy constitutional rights, experience freedom of expression and access to information, as guaranteed by the laws of the Bangladesh.” The group said so in a statement on Monday.

The draft “Rules for Digital, Social Media and OTT Platforms” and the “Over the Top (OTT) Content-Based Service Delivery and Governance Policy (draft)” have been posted on the websites of the BTRC and the Ministry of Information on February 3.

“Both projects require thorough assessment,” he said.

“We would like to carry out a thorough examination of the projects to see if the proposed legal instruments have a deleterious impact on the constitutional rights of users of the digital public space.”

“We respectfully request the BTRC and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to extend the deadline for submitting comments on the draft rules,” the statement read.

He implored the authorities to further extend the consultation period, by at least another eight weeks, to allow for meaningful and in-depth analysis and concrete feedback from relevant stakeholders.

The group works through strategic advocacy, campaigning, legal analysis of existing national legal frameworks and providing recommendations for legal reform of government policies and practices aimed at fostering and advancing freedom on the Internet.

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