Wrangell in June 2018 (Photo by David Purdy / KTOO) The Southeast Alaska Regional Tribal Government will pilot its new broadband Internet program in Wrangell, which it says will eventually be available to everyone on the island. Last year, the Federal Communications Commission opened a special program to allow ruralRead More →

Billionaire Elon Musk never fails to amuse Internet users when it comes to sharing bizarre memes, cryptic phrases, and sometimes thought-provoking questions. Recently, the CEO of Space X took to the microblogging site and shared a jaw-dropping clip from a 1995 interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates speaking to DavidRead More →

Xiaoice unveils digital twin virtual human technology Chinese cross-platform AI robot developer Microsoft Xiaoice unveiled its new digital twin virtual human technology and, together with National Business Daily, officially launched “NBD AI TV” and virtual anchors. For the first time, the Xiaoice executive carried out the unmanned operation in theRead More →