Children no longer read newspapers, books, say UP teachers

Children in grades 8, 9 and 10, who study at prestigious English-language schools in Lucknow, do not read newspapers.

Many of them don’t even know the names of the major newspapers published in the state capital.

“After Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath interacted with a group of class 10 and 12 toppers on Wednesday and asked them if they read newspapers, we decided to ask our students the same question and the results were shocking. In Class 10, out of 42 children, only three said they read ‘a few headlines.’ They said they focused on puzzles in the newspapers,” said a teacher at an English-language school.

Another teacher said that when she asked her students, the majority of them did not even know the name of the newspaper their family receives.

“In many homes, since the pandemic, newspapers are not being bought. People rely on television and mobile apps for information. Children are the most affected because they are no longer encouraged to read and refresh their knowledge general,” she said. .

The teachers said the children don’t borrow storybooks from the library anymore because they say they don’t have time. Most of them spend free hours chatting or playing online games.

Surprisingly, a large number of children in these classes were unaware of the Russian-Ukrainian war and did not know what CAA-NCR stands for.

Sumitra Rawat, whose three daughters study in grades 6, 8 and 10 at a local school, admitted: “During the pandemic, my husband’s salary was cut and prices went up. We had to save money and we have stopped buying newspapers. The children have their mobiles and we encourage them to read the news online, but their time is spent studying.”

Her father-in-law, DK Rawat, a retired government worker, said the new generation had given up on their reading habits.

“In our time, we were made to read newspapers – in fact, we read them aloud to correct mispronunciations – and also books. Today, my grandchildren do not even read storybooks “, he laments.

During his interaction with the toppers, the Chief Minister had asked them to read newspapers regularly and brush up on their language skills and knowledge. He also asked them to read about government programs that would benefit them in the years to come.