Cootehill Livestock Mart makes history after internet shutdown

Cootehill Livestock Mart this week became what is believed to be the first livestock market in the country to move its entire software and technology platform from server to cloud-based servers.

The cattle and sheep market experienced “significant” internet issues, which led to unplanned shutdowns of its sales operations and major repercussions on its business.

The straw fell on Wednesday, September 28e2022, during its main weekly livestock sale when the internet for locals was completely shut down and unable to return to complete the sale.

At the time of this writing, the market is still without the main Internet; however, it is fully operational with all sales as usual without interruption.

The market uses the software provider, the latest technology from LSL Auctions, an in-house market/auction software that is capable of operating entirely in the cloud.

As LSL Auctions explained, this means it doesn’t require on-premises servers like conventional market software systems.

Wednesday evening at 10 p.m., with no internet for the foreseeable future and a fully packed schedule for the week ahead, the market held an emergency meeting.

The decision was made by senior market management in consultation with LSL Auctions to move the entire operation to the cloud.


The LSL Auctions software team worked from 5:00 a.m. Thursday to 3:30 p.m. and moved the entire software and system from mart server to a cloud-based platform.

The market operated at 6 p.m. Thursday, which would be the first cattle market in the country to operate entirely on the cloud with the help of the latest satellite connectivity technology.

All reports to the government’s Animal Information and Movement Service (AIMS) DAFM were reported from LSL Auctions software running entirely in the cloud.

All internal and online auctions were received by cloud servers, and lots sold with subsequent government-required movements to DAFM were completed and reported from the cloud.

Drury comments

Managing Director of Cootehill Livestock Mart, Mr Steven Drury said:

“The speed and configuration of the software in the cloud is next level, with no internet glitches or issues in streaming online video to customers, as well as our office staff, seeing absolutely no issues internally with the move to clouds.”

“Accessibility to authorized personnel in complete safety is next generation. You can now run the system from anywhere in the world with proper permissions and secure access.

“It’s amazing how they did what they did in less than 24 hours. However, I am aware that LSL had a whole team on the case and pulled out all the stops to get us into the game. cloud and go back without interruption.

“They did a fantastic job, and I personally think after seeing the cloud system in operation, this is definitely the way to go.”

“For any shop that has similar downtime issues with intermittent internet, this has to be the absolute Rolls-Royce system to use.”

“This new form of satellite connectivity alongside LSL software is far superior to anything currently on the market in Europe based on all the research we have done.”


He said all laptops on the market now have “the ability to talk” to cloud servers instantly reporting all livestock movements and operations.

He added that this is an imperative live feature for all animals moving through the market for every sale.

A huge added benefit is that the market has the ability to conduct on-farm sales with movements reported instantly from the farm via laptops connected to LSL Cloud software and servers to the government’s AIM system.

He commented, “This is a huge benefit to our customers who want efficient, no-frills on-farm sales.”

“Indeed, with this system, every farm in Ireland could potentially become a marketplace with this unique combination of software and cloud servers.”

No interruption of sales

LSL Auctions CEO Brendan Hannigan concluded:

“We have been working for many years on cloud-based software technology for livestock markets. It’s fantastic to see it in action.

“This removes a lot of potential localized issues such as server outages, internet etc. We were very happy to have a solution and were able to move Cootehill to a fully cloud-based platform and ensure there is no there was no disruption to their sales.”

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