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Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled collection has come out with two new flavors… it brings together flavors of traditional jelly beans such as peach and juicy pear mixed with sea bass and boogers.
Are you adventurous? So maybe you want to try chewing on a jelly bean that tastes the same as mom’s liver and onions!
Or how about an old bandage? How does an old bandage taste if you chew one?
Tear off one of that cut on your finger and give it a try!
Or just eat the jelly bean.
The jelly beans are disguised. The spotted red jelly beans taste like an old bandage or a sweet pomegranate.
Dark browns taste like liver and onions or cappuccino.
So, it’s like a twisted Russian roulette style game where players have to eat the beans to see what flavors they get.
The brand still offers tastes as winning as the ever popular and hilarious dead fish, dirty dishwater, toothpaste and rotten eggs… and all safe.
The company uses special technology that analyzes the chemicals in these odors and can reproduce them.
Here are some more wacky flavors that the candy company has given us over the years.
Draft beer, champagne, tabasco, baby wipes, ear wax, eggnog, bacon, butter popcorn and chocolate pudding.
All available in fine stores and online.

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