Dumb As Wizards Full Version

Dumb as Wizards enters the arena brawler genre with a good head on its shoulders.

Arena Brawlers are a dime a dozen these days, with plenty of forgettable titles that never quite understand who they are. Dumb like wizards – from indie game developer and publisher Random Dragon Games – hopes to avoid the same fate when the game moves from Steam Early Access to full release next month.

Fortunately, as a game “focused on accessibility and fast-paced relaxed fun, compared to its more complex inspirations …” it seems like Dumb like wizards arrives in the arena brawler genre with a good head on his shoulders.

Up to four players can play in local or online multiplayer action, taking on the role of wizards who can control things like fireballs, chickens, and even whales that can be thrown at other players, all within the boundaries of an arena with disappearing sections; similar to how battle royale titles constantly have closed circles, Dumb like wizards has an arena that is constantly closing, adding to the chaos of every game.

In fact, “Chaos” is the name of one of the game modes, granting players a new spell / ability after each spell cast. Dumb like wizards‘Three other modes – which include “Defend the Eye”, “Roulette” and “Wizard Rumble” – are also available to players, offering a wide variety to keep the gameplay fresh.

Dumb like wizards looks like a whale of a good time. The game will be available for PC via Steam July 24.

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