Editorial: Newspapers matter | Opinion

We want to mark the end of another week that has special meaning for us, and we think it should for you too.

National Newspaper Week ends today (Saturday, October 8). This is the 82nd annual seven-day celebration dedicated to celebrating newspapers and the people in the United States and Canada who produce the weekly and daily newspapers that serve — and that’s the key word — their communities.

We provide information on government, law enforcement, vital public affairs and business, as well as sports scores, reports on interesting and important people and events, commentary and insights. We deliver memorable stories and stunning photos that people will remember for years to come.

In recent years, we have moved to an online presence as well as print editions. They are different formats with the same goal – to provide relevant information to our readers.

The death of newspapers is often reported, but although these were difficult times, with many newspapers folding or reducing the number of editions, there are still over 1,000 daily newspapers in the United States and over 7,000 weeklies. Online readership has more than doubled while print readership has shrunk, proving people’s desire to be properly informed by accurate and credible sources.

Iowa Information Media Group invests in quality journalism, and our readers and advertisers have continued to support them. We are committed to providing readers of The N’West Iowa REVIEW, The Sheldon Mail-Sun, The South O’Brien Sun, Sioux Center News, The Osceola County Gazette-Tribune, Hawarden Independent/Ireton Examiner, The Mars Sentinel and Remsen Bell-Enterprise and associated publications with the best articles we can produce, week after week.

The. We have set the deadline for National Newspaper Week.