EFCC denies assault allegations against actress

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has denied claims by Nollywood actress Helena Duru that her agents assaulted the actress during a raid.

Helena on Saturday accused some officers of the Economic and Financial Commission of breaking into her home and physically assaulting her in Enugu State.

The actress shared graphic photos and videos of the aftermath of the physical assault on her body by the anti-graft agents.

In a statement released by the agency on Saturday, Duru’s account of the events was labeled a “poorly scripted claim that fell flat in the face of unassailable facts.”

The EFCC further said that while forensic analysis will be performed on the video posted via Duru’s Instagram page on Saturday, members of the public should ignore the actress’ claims.

The statement read in part: “The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been drawn to a trending online video on Instagram, of the handle of a certain ‘@Iamhelenaduru’, a self-proclaimed actress, claiming , quite maliciously, an attack by agents of the Commission.

“The checks carried out by the Commission, however, identified Helen Aduru, an up-and-coming actress, as simply a player seeking publicity, with a poorly scripted claim that fell flat against the unassailable facts available to the Commission.

“In her script, she was quick to include five names of officers who she believed belonged to the Commission’s Enugu Command Cybercrime Section.

“EFCC officers generally do not wear name badges or drive around with bulldozer-like equipment to knock down security gates.

“Aduru claimed, strangely enough, that she was assisted by a small boy, at a police station at 3:44 a.m., but found the station closed. It is important to note that police stations are not public service departments that are “closing”
C in the evening. Even more bizarre is the fact that she never came back at daybreak to complain.

“More untenable is the fact that his alleged July 21, 2022 assault, which went unrecorded nearly two months later at the police station, was only revealed to the public on September 2, 2022!! Such a scene could only appear in a typical Nollywood fiction series.

The agency also claimed that its investigations into the matter showed “some blackmailers may be swapping known names within the Enugu Area Command to settle scores.”