Elon Musk shares the 1995 interview with Bill Gates on the Internet; Internet users react

Billionaire Elon Musk never fails to amuse Internet users when it comes to sharing bizarre memes, cryptic phrases, and sometimes thought-provoking questions. Recently, the CEO of Space X took to the microblogging site and shared a jaw-dropping clip from a 1995 interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates speaking to David Letterman about the concept of the Internet. The post creates a storm on social media platforms, as the video shows the interviewer making sarcastic comments on the internet and doubting that this will ever be a reality.

The message shared by Musk is captioned: “Considering the almost unimaginable nature of the present, what will be the future?” In the video, the TV host asks Gates, “What about the internet stuff? Do you know anything about it? To which Gates replied, “Of course.” He explained that the internet is a place where people can post information and that everyone can have their own homepage, so there will always be the latest information on everything. The interviewer sarcastically asks Gates if it’s true that people can stream a baseball game on the Internet. The audience can be heard laughing as Gates explains about the internet.

“I remember a few months ago, for example, there was a major announcement that on the Internet, or on a computer deal, they were going to broadcast a baseball game. You could listen to a baseball game on your computer, and I was like, “Is the radio ringing a bell?” Said the TV host.

Elon Musk shares 1995 interview with Bill Gates on the Internet

After the video went wildly viral on social media, tech enthusiasts came out to voice their reactions. Many joked about the questions posed by the TV host, while many appreciated Bill Gates for having such a strong vision for the future and a majority of users expressed their opinions on what the future will be like. The post received over 80,000 likes as well as numerous retweets and a flood of comments.

One user said, “I can’t wait until 2045.” Another person’s comment read, “The future will be when you pay your fair share of taxes.” Another user said: “I am completely stunned that every word of Bill Gates has turned out to be true. How can anyone be so visionary?” Another user commented, “And we’re looking at this on the internet. “

Image: AP / Twitter / @ Elonmusk

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