Elon Musk wants to activate Starlink internet service in Iran

A Treasury official briefing reporters earlier on Friday said: Starlink’s commercial quality system, which would involve sending material to Iran, would not be covered by the general licence.

The Treasury official said in a statement: ‘This would be something they would need to write to Treasury for.

Musk could not be reached for comment or clarification on Starlink’s authorization to operate in Iran.

Protests continue in Iran over the deaths of young people Mahsa Amini last week who was arrested for “unsuitable attire” by the morality police.

Musk had said in an earlier statement that the company wanted to provide Starlink broadband services. Similar to those already supplied to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion. But also to offer the Iranians a certain freedom and would ask for exceptions to the sanctions.

The Starlink system is a satellite constellation system that aims to provide global internet coverage. The system aims to bring high-speed Internet service to rural and geographically isolated areas where Internet connectivity is unreliable or non-existent.

Starlink runs on the same satellite internet service technology that has been around for decades. Instead of using cable technology, such as fiber optics, to transmit data, a satellite system uses radio signals through the vacuum of space.