End of an era: Termination of Cable One’s messaging service impacts Sioux Cityans | Local News

SIOUX CITY – Marta Nelson estimates that she spent 30 hours counting moving from a CableOne email address to a new Gmail account. Her husband, Don, suggested this was a conservative estimate.

The Nelsons have around 900 contacts to whom they provided their new email address. Then there were the many companies that had their old CableOne email accounts on file, some of which required a complicated authentication process to verify the new email. And Marta’s email files on her work on the Daughters of the American Revolution had to be stored elsewhere, along with any other important emails they didn’t want to lose.

“It was a horrible experience,” said Marta Nelson.

About 20 years ago, the Nelsons signed up for CableOne Internet services and got a free email address to boot. At the time, some companies still billed for email service.

CableOne, now doing business as Sparklight, emailed the Nelson’s (and thousands of others) this spring to let them know their long-standing email address was going to be deleted as of the 25th. June. Sparklight email users in Fargo, North Dakota, Texarkana, Texas, and Kirksville, Missouri, will also have their email addresses expire on that date.

The company has been sending out reminder emails and notices more and more frequently as the end draws near.

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