Famous foreign correspondent Hugh O’Shaughnessy dies aged 87 | Newspapers

Hugh O’Shaughnessy, the admired journalist known for his reporting on Latin America, has died aged 87.

the old Observer correspondent has won a string of awards in an illustrious career largely spent covering South America’s rapidly changing social and political landscape.

He was perhaps best known for his courageous coverage of Augusto Pinochet’s coup, when the military dictator seized power in Chile in 1973. Choosing to stay in Santiago to cover the fallout from the coup, O ‘Shaughnessy then documented Pinochet’s authoritarian attitude. reign, during which tens of thousands of opponents were tortured.

The Irish journalist has also written a number of books, and in 1977 founded the Latin America Bureau, an online and print publisher of independent news about the region’s struggles for social and environmental justice. In total, O’Shaughnessy covered events on the continent for over 40 years.

Her eldest, Frances, 60, paid tribute to a fearless character who inspired her four children.

“He always did what was right, he always said it. And he had a fantastic sense of humor, he was a real life force.

She also said that behind the image of the fearless foreign correspondent is a kind man whose main interest is meeting people.

“There was a real human kindness towards him. He was very interested in people, where they came from, the kind of life they lived.

O’Shaughnessy died peacefully on Tuesday last week. His wife, Georgina, died in 2011.