Fremd defeats Conant in a defensive showcase

It was a defensive battle from start to finish for the Divisional Mid Suburban West’s final game of the season as the Fremd Vikings beat the Conant Cougars, 7-0.

From the start, it was clear this was going to be a heavy defensive game, as both defenses would stick to three and come out to open the game.

The Vikings would move the chains for the first time with a 15-yard pass from Caiden Suchy to Archie Cox.

After the gain of 15 yards, the Vikings would only gain 6 extra yards before punting.

The Cougars would start on their own 41-yard line and after a two-yard gain by running back Malik Frederick, quarterback Antonio Ramsey would have a big gain with quarterback, running 32 yards into Viking territory.

Those would be the only yards Conant gained on their second practice, as Fremd’s defense would hold strong and a late game penalty would force Conant to throw a punt.

Fremd would continue to struggle to move the ball with a penalty leading them to another three-way and away practice.

Fremd would punt, but Conant would make a punt return and the Vikings recovered the free ball on their 47-yard line, giving them a second chance to move down the field and score at the end of the first quarter. .

A 30-yard run by Trey Castella would bring the Vikings into Conant’s territory for the first time on the night, but a false start penalty and a bad snap would keep the Vikings from getting any closer. They would end up punting, sending Conant to start their own two-meter line.

Malik Frederick would gain 13 rushing yards and move the Cougars away from their end zone.

Frederick and Jeremy Carrell would gain nine more yards on the ground before facing the fourth and one on their 24-yard line, where they would convert when Antonio Ramsey would run him down the middle for a two-yard quarterback run to maintain. the reader.

The drive wouldn’t last any longer as the Fremd defense would keep Conant two yards for the next three games forcing another punt.

Fremd would start his last practice of the half at their 43-yard line and open wide with a 34-yard pass from Suchy to Cox.

It was Suchy’s first start in a college game, replacing injured Ryan Saxe.

“To be honest, it was mostly today’s defense that won. They kept them at zero tonight and all week in training they’ve been doing their best. Without the defense we would not have won the game, ”Suchy said.

After the big pass placed the Vikings on Conant’s 29-yard line, Suchy and Cox would connect again for an 18-yard gain to bring the Vikings to Conant 11.

After a gain of seven yards, the Vikings would face fourth and third and attempt a field goal to get on the board before half-time, but the kick would go just right and hit the post and the score would remain 0-0. at the end. of the first semester.

Conant would receive the ball to open the second half and face another fourth and another to start the player, where Fredrick would run six yards to keep the player down.

A hold call on Conant would send the Cougars back nine yards after getting the first try, ultimately preventing them from getting within range, forcing another punt.

Fremd would start his first second-half practice at 25 and start big with a 29-yard gain in Conant’s territory with another Suchy connection at Cox. In the next play, they would connect again for a gain of 32 yards to bring the Vikings into the red zone.

After a 13-yard run by Taytum Carmichael to get the Vikings inches from the end zone, Carmichael would then force him for the game’s first and only point after 31 minutes and 38 seconds of scoreless football.

Conant would start their next practice on their 23-yard line and gain 35 rushing yards by Frederick before being stopped at Fremd 38 and nose-down in the opening moments of the fourth quarter.

Conant’s defense held up in Fremd’s first practice of the last quarter, holding them to three more, which saw Frederick secure a sack on Suchy.

Conant would return to offense at Fremd 43 but would only gain 23 yards by Frederick on the first play before being stopped three games in a row.

The Vikings would try one last time to have some space between them and the Cougars dropping from their 16 to 36 Conant and facing a fourth and one, but would decide to throw rather than try to move the chains.

With less than two minutes remaining on the clock, Conant would have one last chance to drive onto the field and tie the game, but would throw four consecutive incompletions to seal the game for the Vikings.

“Suchy and Cox are both excellent players with a bright future ahead of them. Those big plays, they loosened the game up a bit and turned the court a lot when we got stuck in some places and they opened it up, ”said Fremd head coach Lou Sponsel.

“I really think this game was won by our WIN team, a lot of people call them our scout team. I didn’t see a week of training from these kids, our underclasses, and I think they directed Conant’s offense to a T. Our defense was well prepared and the guys in practice who were leading the Conant’s offense against our defense was incredible.

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