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From Peruvian peppers to piranhas, the pizza options in and around Penticton are a potential adventure for almost every palate.

Depending on the combination, the staff in the tasting room of Summerland’s Dirty Laundry Vineyard can make suggestions for pizza selections in the winery’s Red Iron Grille. They too have a spicy option, the Fiery Affair, and all of the cakes have tongue-in-cheek names that can be combined with the winery’s fun brand.

Many have “sweet drops” as an ingredient. Chef Kyle Harkin explains that this is a small, slightly sweet Peruvian pepper that is pickled for pizza.

“I don’t like to serve something I wouldn’t eat myself, and I’m a butcher so there is a lot of meat,” says Kyle.

The most popular cake is the laundry basket that is loaded with meat. New to the menu is a selection of smoked meats from brisket to ribs, but these sell out before they can make it onto a pizza.

“Maybe there will be a smoked meat pizza next year,” he says. The menu also has options for kids who are clearly not adventurous.

“There are no vegetables on the children’s offerings, they don’t touch vegetables,” laughs Kyle.

In the Station Public House at the Ramada Inn in Penticton, gourmets parents can discover the flavors of the world with a Greek pizza or the tandoori – a chicken pizza with masala spice and mango chutney drizzle – or the Sicilian.

Bad Tattoo is known for its weird pizzas. The menu even has a “weird” section, and co-owner Lee Agur says many diners visit the brewery for its reputation for some wild cakes.

“Whatever the team can think of, we try to get the ingredients,” he says, noting that a crocodile pizza was discussed a lot recently when it was on the menu. He suggests that a piranha pizza might appear if it can be procured.

Another international Italian choice? In the Pizzeria Tratto everything revolves around the Pizza Napoletana. If you haven’t eaten an authentic Neapolitan cake with its pillow-like, thinner crust, the staff will be happy to provide an explanation.

“All of our creations are slightly adventurous and we like to have fun. In summer we throw everything we find fresh on a pizza, ”says Tratto partner Chris Royal. “The chefs try to outdo each other.”

For example, the weekly vegan feature, the Okanagan Garden, once had crispy green beans as a topping, though you should be looking for root vegetables this winter.

The Ricotta & Rocket has dates that Chris says can raise your eyebrows, “but it’s so good!” And the Bee Sting is a popular choice with gorgonzola, prosciutto, local honey, and chilli.

Feature pizzas can push the envelope a little, explains Chris. People “went bananas” for a special S’mores pizza.

“You come to Penticton to jet ski,” he says, “but you stay for the culinary scene!”

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