Global media announce plans for coverage of Queen’s funeral

Media around the world have announced plans to cover the Queen’s state funeral as preparations continue for the historic event.

Despite the time differences, networks in the United States, Canada and Australia have provided daily live updates since the news broke on Thursday, with several announcing plans for full, live coverage of the funeral on Monday.

CNN tweeted about its own coverage shots with a video montage of tributes paid to the monarch in the UK.

“A queen remembers. A life celebrated. Join CNN as a country and the world says goodbye,” said a voiceover for the promotional clip.

Another American media, NBC News, must also broadcast the funeral on its network and its streaming service: NBC News Now.

In Australia, national broadcaster ABC listed “live coverage of the state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II”, along with several special documentaries celebrating the monarch’s life and legacy “through Australian eyes”.

People can also tune into ABC NewsRadio to listen to the funeral live from the ABC listening app.

Canadian network CBC also said it would have live TV coverage on Monday on its main news network CBC, as well as CBC TV, CBC Gem, and the CBC News app.

The broadcaster will also provide audio coverage on CBC Radio and its CBC Listen app.

Several US networks also broadcast live footage of the Queen’s coffin as she returned to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, including NBC, CBS and ABC News.

CBS said it will air coverage of the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where the funeral is to take place, on Wednesday.

“A royal procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall as Britain’s Royal Family escorts Queen Elizabeth’s coffin past adoring fans around the world,” the promotion said.

As the coffin arrived at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, ABC News correspondent James Longman said the news had “really hit home now for London” and that the coming days would be “absolutely extraordinarily emotional”.

Fox News also reported on the coffin’s arrival at the palace.