Google will ban apps from recording phone calls

Google has announced that it will block apps from recording phone calls on its devices starting next month.

As The Independent reported, the company will remove features used by call recording apps to give them access to the calls themselves.

This access is achieved through accessibility technology that aims to make the phone able to adapt to users with different needs.

However, it can also be used to access and store phone call audio.

Google’s decision will be limited to apps on its Play Store (PA)

The Independent writes: “Google’s documentation makes it clear that it is not intended to record phone calls and that new changes will prevent apps from doing so.

“These changes come into effect on May 11 and mean that no apps will be able to record calls. It’s unclear whether developers will comply with the ruling or if Google will be forced to remove non-compliant apps from the Store in line. ”

This Google announcement is limited to its Google Play Store apps only, meaning phones with built-in call recording apps will still be able to do so.

These system apps do not need permission to access phone calls as they are built into the phone.

Google has gradually made it harder to record phone calls on Android in the name of privacy and security.

The decision also brings it in line with the iPhone, which already prevents apps from recording phone calls and offers no built-in apps with this feature.