Google’s Word-related post leaves the internet amused

Google’s post prompted netizens to share confusing words.

Search engine giant Google recently asked people to share a word they use regularly but research it before using it and people have flooded the comments section with terms that confuse them. The post racked up nearly 2,000 likes and hundreds of retweets.

Taking to Twitter, Google wrote: “What word do you use all the time but still have to research to make sure you spell it correctly”.

The internet was quick to react as they resonated with the message. “liaise and license. Even now I had to confirm first,” wrote one user. “Google or Gugal?” joked another.

A third wrote: “’Friend, relieve, believe.’ Since childhood I have this problem in placing ‘I’ & ‘E’ in the right place. I was never sure about writing those words without double-checking,” while a fourth added: “I sometimes get confused between ‘reaching’ and ‘reaching’.

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In the meantime, this isn’t the first time that Google has asked Twitter users a funny question. A while ago, the search engine wanted to know why pet dogs would use the search engine. The post had gone viral.

While some said the dogs would love to get extra treats or food, others came up with creative ideas like booking an Uber for a play date. “Pet snacks,” one user tweeted. “Not getting paid for the therapy services I provide. What should I do?” said another. Some users, even hilarious, said dogs would like to search for Dogecoin and extra bones.

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