Gunman shoots US supermarket, kills 10 in internet attack

Suspect in custody; Police are investigating whether he wrote an online report spreading conspiracy theories about the disappearance of the white race

Background / Twitter / @makibeckerPolice surrounded the supermarket in Buffalo, USA

Someone walks into a supermarket in Buffalo, USA New York, and opened fire on customers and staff at the scene. The attack was broadcast live on the social streaming network Twitch. At least ten people were killed, according to The Buffalo News. According to the Buffalo Police Department, the suspect is in custody and has not been identified. The scene described by the witnesses comes from “a horror film”. Authorities are investigating the killing of a white supremacist who wrote a 106-page report online that spreads conspiracy theories about the disappearance of white people.

“If there is one thing I want you to understand from this writing, the birth rate of white people should change. The population of white people is decreasing every day,” the statement read. Shooter. “To maintain a population, people must achieve a birth rate that reaches alternative levels of fertility. In the Western world, it is 2.06 births per woman. In the program made by the author of the massacre, there are horrible scenes. A woman walking in front of the store was shot in the head.

“I’m watching the supermarket shooting in Buffalo,” he said. We support local communities. If you are a buffalo, skip this area and follow the instructions of law enforcement and local authorities,” said Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York. Authorities consider it a “mass killing” and many claim they were shot, but have not yet released the total number of dead and injured.