Gwanja: Kannywood singer’s singles set the internet on fire

RThe recently released songs of a Kannywood actor and singer, Ado Isah Gwanja, set the internet on fire as his fans took to their various social media platforms to show off their dancing skills even when he wasn’t. announced no competition for this purpose.

Gwanja had released a hit single titled “Warr” this year and the song became an instant hit, especially on social media.

The song, which is considered a remix of a famous traditional Hausa singer, the song of the late Mamman Shata, has become a household name, as well as an anthem at various social events in the northern states. He was so quick to post the videos for the song, which also went viral.

The song “Warr” was recorded to be the most trending audio in the history of the Hausa music industry and the first Hausa song to reach one million streams without an official video being released. The song also reportedly set another record by being the only Hausa single song with two million streams on digital platforms within a month.

As ‘Warr’ is having a great day, the singer released another single titled ‘Chass’, and the song, as expected, also went viral, garnering some serious attention on social media, especially among female fans, and as such, generated serious debate between socialists and Islamic scholars in Hausa-speaking states.

The manner and approach of Gwanja’s song by female fans has caught the attention of many concerned people from all walks of life. While few applaud the singer’s talent and initiative, many others condemn his approach and choice of lyrics in the songs, and as such they found the songs offensive to Hausa culture and traditions.

The ‘Sama Mata’ crooner was born on January 22, 1990. His songs are very popular, especially with women and young people in northern Nigeria.

It was discovered that Gwanja first appeared in films in 2017 and later discovered his talent in film. Although he has recently spent a lot of time in the music industry, Gwanja stars in Hausa films.

His songs, which are mostly in tune with the advancement of women, enjoy huge patronage from them as he is always in the list of guest singers to grace high profile women’s events indoors and out. off the coast of Nigeria.

However, his recently released singles are considered vulgar by some traditionalists and scholars. As a result, there have been several warning and advice messages for the artist to see and hopefully adjust to.

The internet has become a center where Gwanja’s songs are criticized. He has been accused of driving female fans crazy with his songs.

“Fear God, Teen. You should know that we will all be responsible for our actions in the hereafter. You have a family, and I know you wouldn’t want anyone driving them as wild as you sent sisters and daughters, all in the name of trying to make a living. Remember God is watching you,” read one of the songs’ social media posts.

Another person said: “It is unfortunate that our young women have gone wild on social media. If it’s not ‘Warr’, it’s ‘Chass’. Haba, the songs have completely made our brothers and sisters shameless and irresponsible. Check your social media and you’ll agree with every word I used. Gwanja does a lot of harm to our social, religious and cultural norms.

Both songs have been ranked as the most streamed and searched Hausa songs in recent months.

However, despite all the criticism, both songs enjoy huge popularity, especially among female listeners.

It has been reliably established that Ado Gwanja is currently gearing up to shoot the soon-to-be-released “Chass” video, just like he did with “Warr.”

Attempts to get the singer to react to the series of criticisms against his songs proved abortive as calls to his cell phone lines were not going through. However, sources close to the artist revealed that he has been very busy working on the videos for “Chass” and another single that has yet to be released.

“Chass and Warr” was released in the entertainment sector in the second quarter of 2022.

Some of the most popular Gwanja songs are Kujerar Tsakar Gida, Mamar-Mamar, Dakin Bakuwa, Asha Rawa-rawa, Kilu ta Ja Bau, Kidan Mata.

In another development, a Kano State Higher Sharia Court sitting in the state’s Bichi Local Government, chaired by Dr. Bello Musa Khalid, requested the Kano Command Police Commissioner to conduct a investigation against a certain Mr. 442, Safara,u, Ado Gwanja and 5 other alleged accomplices for allegedly singing TikTok songs and acts that directly or indirectly promote immorality, adultery, fornication, an act which contravened the norms and values ​​of Kano State

The court order followed the complaint by lawyer Badamasi suleiman Gandu and five other Kano-based jurists to the court.

Other suspects include Dan Maraya, Amude Booth, Kawu Dan Sarkim, Murja Ibrahim Kunya, Ummi Shakira, Samha M. Inuwa and Babiyana.

Shedding light on the matter, the State Public Relations Officer, Sharia Court Division, Muzzammil Ado Fagge explained that the judge’s decision was based on Order 12, sub-1 of the Rule of Kano state sharia court civil proceedings 2021.

Similarly, in a new development, the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) had issued a statement banning the airing of Ado Gwanja’s song ‘Warr’ from all radio stations on the basis of the lyrics of the song which allegedly promote promiscuity. In a statement bearing the reference number NBC/KDZ/NGR/Vol.IV/2022 dated September 2022, NBC said, “The song was laced with unhealthy words and portrayed drunkenness as an acceptable way of life,” said he declared.