Hochul, establishment media want to control internet after Buffalo shooting

In the aftermath of the shooting in Buffalo, New York, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul and several establishment media once again turned their gaze to social media.

Hochul sign an executive order to create a national counterterrorism unit “focusing on social media monitoring.” State Attorney General Letitia James is launching an investigation into social media sites Twitch and Discord, which the shooter used to broadcast the shooting and post his racist screed. She describe the shooter using social media websites before and during filming as “creepy and unfathomable”.

The goal is to further control social media websites. As the New York Times Remarks, Twitch did its best to remove the video “within two minutes of the start of the violence”. After all, Twitch is a live streaming platform with finished 100,000 live streamers per day. It would be impossible for the company to monitor every stream from its upload to its end.

But the New York Times hints that he wants Twitch to raise its barriers to entry. The shoot “raises the question of whether the ability to live stream should be so readily available”, and the New York Times piece complains that Twitch “allows anyone with an account to go live.” YouTube requires users to verify their account, and to live stream from a mobile device, users must have at least 50 subscribers, the New York Times Author’s note. Wouldn’t it be great if Twitch shut down its smaller streamers and did the same?

CNN, meanwhile, is using the shooting to go after the usual political opponents. Brian Fung took the opportunity to criticize Texas on its law preventing large social media companies from viewpoint-based censorship. Fung argues Facebook should keep the “horrifying footage” of the shooting “between the wedding photos and your aunt’s tuna stew recipe.” He also says the shooting “raises questions” that Elon Musk wants to make it easier to moderate content on Twitter.

Establishment media has targeted social media since a few memes were posted on Facebook by Russians during the 2016 election. These little-seen images became the scapegoat for Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss. Every media article that “simply raises questions” wants to strengthen the liberal stranglehold on social media platforms. Hochul and the New York Times want to be the ones deciding how social media sites operate, which is why liberals became furious when Musk began his campaign to buy Twitter.

Many on the left want to use an extreme situation (the Buffalo shootings) to impose even more controls and restrictions on social media sites that benefit them politically, since these restrictions will be interpreted and enforced by leaders and bureaucrats in the left-wing social media. This is what Hochul hopes to achieve, and the establishment media will cheer him along the way.