Comedian, singer and actor, Koffi Nuel aka Koffi tha Guru said that integrity and honesty robbed him of many opportunities.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday rhythmhe said: “Being (a person) of integrity, honest, dedicated to my journey and having principles has cost me dearly. People think that as an artist you have to tolerate certain practices that I don’t agree with. disagree. I like to do things differently, in order to create more opportunities for others. Many Nigerian platforms share the same ideas. That’s why most of the time, musicians sing in the same way, the movies tell the same stories with the same actors and the sketches are made to prank women. Once you disagree with a trend, you dismiss one. Being frank is not not a welcome idea either. I was blacklisted and denied opportunities for standing up for the truth. A man has to stand up for something or fall for everything.

About the inspiration behind his new album titled “Muludun Medley,” he said, “It’s an interpretation of ethnic pop music featuring popular tunes and a fusion of inspirational thoughts. It’s a work of gyration and emotions to make people dance while learning good things. This style of music was inspired by the way “ethnic” musicians of old would compose beautiful songs while including life lessons, philosophy and knowledge. A lot of that is lost in today’s music, so while recording my usual music, I also did this medley version to drive home more of the message we need to raise awareness.

Sharing his thoughts on artist sex tapes leaked online, the University of Lagos graduate said: “To each his own. I can’t advise adults on sex issues, nor recommend solutions to teenagers who know more than I do. Some things are best kept private, and spiritual sex is one of them.

Koffi also added that it was important for artists to have side activities. He said: “It’s very important these days (to have side hustles). You can have a stampede inside your stampede. A barber who sells clippers to his clients is definitely on the right track. I am a complete artist. As a comedian, actor, singer, songwriter, writer, author, producer, and director, I am able to function in the entertainment space as a “jack of a trade.”

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