Internet Connectivity Drops Frequently – Windows 10 Support

Does anyone have experience with DNS failing every 2+ hours but just disconnecting and reconnecting to the wireless SSID to fix it?

I work as an L1 in a help desk and a user encounters an issue that has puzzled me so far. After getting a new laptop they have a problem where several times during the day they lose internet access and have to disconnect and reconnect the wifi to fix it.

I thought I’d ask a forum to see if anyone has experience with this as it seems nearly impossible to create a good search query for this problem. Every Google search query I’ve tried is flooded with articles about wifi disconnects, but wifi wasn’t implicated in this problem. All the logs show that the laptop is still connected to the wap, the dhcp lease is still good with the same IP address, and it’s still authenticated. And the queries I’ve tried that return relevant topics about internet connectivity issues suggest using other DNS servers and/or are missing specific details that just disconnecting and reconnecting will fix it.

The only log events I’ve found showing this happening so far are universal telemetry for internet access and wlanlog output showing that shortly before the user logs out and logs back in , there is a warning that the DNS probe failed. When I asked them to run the internet troubleshooter when this happened, the logs only showed problems contacting the DNS servers. The same DNS servers that all other users including myself are using without this happening.

They work remotely with a Meraki device that broadcasts the same corporate SSID used in the office. The issue reported to me by the user occurs at home and in the office when using this SSID. When I asked them to try their home xfinity with an anyconnect VPN, they said the problem did not appear. But I’m also afraid that the 6 hours they spent on Anyconnect was too short to say it’s specific to that SSID.

The first thing I did for this problem was delete the users wireless certificate, the computers wireless certificate and the wireless policy file and did a gpupdate to get new ones. All pre-USMT wireless certificates have also been removed.

I also reset the tcp/ip stack and the winsock stack with the netsh commands I found on the internet and made the user reboot.

And even though they were on the same wireless driver for the ax201 in their laptop which didn’t cause any problems for other users, I went ahead and updated its driver to the newest one from the site. Intel.

The last thing I tried was Friday with 5 hours left in my shift. I’ve gone ahead and enabled DNS event logs in event viewer to try and get better messages when this happens. But of course, after doing that, the 5 hours passed without incident. Normally the problem occurs every 2-3 hours.

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