Internet regulator demands removal of anti-Russian YouTube ads – JURIST

Roskomnadzor, the Russian internet regulator, on Friday required that Google immediately stop posting threats against Russian citizens on YouTube.

In a press release, the regulator alleged that YouTube was running ads calling for the deactivation of rail communication lines between Russia and Belarus. He alleged that YouTube’s actions are “terrorist in nature”, which endangers the lives and health of Russian citizens. He also said that running such ads clearly depicts the anti-Russian stance of Google, which is a US-based company.

Roskomnadzor also said US-based digital companies such as Meta Platforms and Google have taken a strong anti-Russian stance in recent weeks. According to the regulator, these companies have launched a targeted campaign to discredit the Russian armed forces, the media, public figures and the state as a whole. He said these online platforms actively engage in spreading misanthropic appeals against Russian citizens, which go against Russian laws and violate moral standards.

Roskomnadzor has stated unequivocally that it opposes anti-Russian ads and has asked Google to stop running such ads as soon as possible.

Earlier this month, after Meta Platforms announced it would relax its hate speech policy in Ukraine, allowing Ukrainians to post death threats aimed at Russia, Roskomnadzor blocked Facebook and instagram in the countryside. In response, Meta Platforms President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg noted“Our policies are focused on protecting people’s right to free speech as an expression of self-defense in response to a military invasion of their country.”