Internet revokes Vince Vaughn’s Chicago Bears fan card after he says ‘Soldiers Field’ on ManningCast

Did I just hear what I think I did…

As a Chicago guy (not born here, I’ve lived here for the past 15 years) and another Bears fan, I’m also a huge Vince Vaughn fan.

You have yours Wedding Crashers, The Rupture, The Dilemma, Old School, Swingers, Four Christmases if it’s the right time of year… the man has a phenomenal catalog of feel-good comedies.

I mean, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, you’re a little hungover from Friday night shenanigans… you order shitty food and slump on the couch, get on Retreat as a couple… just try to tell me it won’t change your whole day.

Either way, the Lake Forest native is one of Chicago’s biggest celebrity sports fans, frequently seen at games for the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and more.

Although after tonight, I think we need to get that Chicago fan card revoked.

On Peyton and Eli Manning’s Monday Night Football show about the Bears/Patriots game, Vince made an appearance in the fourth quarter. After Barack Obama and Bill Burr (a heck of a ManningCast team by the way), Vince was just as entertaining as ever, until he said…


Soldiers? With an “s?”

What self-respecting Bears fan, born and raised in the Chicago metro area, calls it “SOLDIERS field”?

I’m embarrassed and ashamed…like physically uncomfortable that Vince Vaughn just said “Soldiers Field” on national television like a bozo tourist from South Dakota.

And Twitter called him out for it:

Shit Vince…

How good was Bill Burr?