“Isthmus” back in circulation after a 17-month hiatus

MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – A Popular Local The newspaper is back in circulation after taking a 17-month hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s really exhilarating. I think we’re all a little stunned by all the effort it took, the very late nights and the anxiety, ”said Judy Davidoff, Editor and President of Isthmus.

the Isthmus has been a staple in the Madison community since 1976.

“The Isthmus is Madison’s community newspaper. He tells you what’s going on in town, he covers local news. I think it really connects the people of this community to this city, ”Davidoff said.

“It’s anchored in the city. This is how people plan their weekends, this is how people find out what’s going on, ”said Jason Joyce, editor of Isthmus. “People also appreciate the in-depth journalism and the criticism we bring to it,”

Like countless other businesses and industries, the effects of the pandemic were felt almost immediately in the newspaper.

“In March 2020, COVID-19 arrived in Madison and within days all the advertising really dried up,” said Judy Davidoff, editor and president of Isthmus. “Restaurants were closing, places were closing. All these revenues that supported the printed products have dried up ”,

Judy Davidoff and Jason Joyce proudly display the first Isthmus newspaper printed in 17 months(Tim Elliott)

Davidoff says the former owners of the newspaper decided to shut down most operations rather than incur more expenses. As a result, many staff members were made redundant. Part of the editorial team decided to continue producing a limited amount of content, but strictly for their website and social media. Many of them worked on a voluntary basis.

This summer, the previous owners donated the intellectual property and the newspaper went to a non-profit organization.

Now the Isthmus is back with a brand new 39 page edition for August. They printed 33,000 articles this month. You can find them in grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafes and libraries.

“I think people appreciate having the printed product in their hands again. They appreciate having something so aesthetically beautiful. I think they like the idea behind it, ”Davidoff said.

“The printed product and the ability to be able to spread it out on the table and really hang out with it is really part of Madison,” Joyce added.

The cover for the month of August 2021 references the famous photo featuring former President Harry S. Truman. In the original photo, President Truman holds up an edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune. The title incorrectly read “Dewey beats Truman”. In fact, Truman won the presidency in 1948.

From now on, the plan is to continue publishing a new journal every month.

“I think there is a need for this to continue, and I hope the print (newspapers) will be around for a while,” Joyce said.

The isthmus depends heavily on donations from readers. If you would like to donate and support local journalism, click here

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