Jeffrey Dahmer’s real polaroid photo TikTok challenge leaves the internet horrified

The release of Netflix’s new series based on the life and crimes of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has inspired a gruesome TikTok challenge. Since its release, the show has received backlash for being overly graphic and insensitive to the families of the victims.

Trigger Warning: The following article contains topics that may upset some readers. Discretion is advised.

Dahmer was active from 1978 to 1991, during which time he strangled and dismembered 17 men and boys. After his capture in 1991, police found at least 80 gruesome photos of his victims, some even depicting necrophilia.

Mugshot of Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee County (image via Getty Images)
Mugshot of Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee County (image via Getty Images)

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has sparked controversy since its release on Netflix on September 21, 2022. The series depicts the police finding Polaroids of the victims, some of which showed the murderer engaging in lewd acts with some of his dead victims while others were corpses , naked, dismembered , and posed.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Challenge on TikTok horrifies internet users

While most are moving away from such morbid topics, TikTok users have started a trend called the Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Challenge. The challenge involves users searching for and responding to crime scene photos. The search term has racked up over 530 million views.

Although the app has already removed some of the more graphic videos associated with this challenge, the reaction videos are still under the same tag, with over 3.4 billion views on the platform.

Many users have participated in this trend, although some are downright disgusted by it. One user tweeted that they shouldn’t “brag” about their insensitivity to gruesome images.

I don’t know why people brag about not feeling sick after watching the Jeffrey Dahmer movie or seeing the real Polaroids. how sick should you feel? are they real people with real families? be weird about something else

Some users fell prey to the trend but immediately regretted it, warning others not to search for the images.

DO NOT Google Jeffrey Dahmers Polaroids, I saw one and COULDN’T.

Another tweet echoed the regret:

Curiosity always gets the better of me – don’t Google Jeffrey Dahmers Polaroids 🥲🥲🥲 #DahmerNetflix

Casting well-known actors to play notorious serial killers in telling their stories is nothing new, as movie studios and broadcast networks are well aware that star power can draw viewers to their projects. Heartthrob Zac Efron played Ted Bundy in Extremely wicked, incredibly evil and vile, and Evan Peters of x-men and ex-Disney star Ross Lynch has starred as Dahmer in different renditions. This drew confusing reactions, with some calling these characters “hot.” A tweet replied,

You all want to glorify serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy because “their hot” THEY LITERALLY HAD FAN MAIL. Do yourself a favor and check out the real Polaroids they found in Jeffrey Dahmers’ apartment. He ripped an entire ribcage off a man and put him down🥴

Many other social media users have also expressed their displeasure with the trend.

Am I the only one against this challenge from Jeffrey Dahmer on TikTok? It’s really not cool and not funny 😬

@GhostieMyers For my sanity, I’m not opening them again, I’m still trying to get over it😨

i just saw the real polaroid photos of jeffrey dahmer… and when i tell you i am TRAUMATIZED

The show is a limited series created by Ryan Murphy of american horror story fame and stars Evan Peters, Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald and Neicy Nash. It has already broken records by becoming Netflix’s biggest debut, even beating squid games. The series is available to watch on the streaming platform.

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