Keys Weekly Athlete of the Week


Michael merryman

What do you like about the football team? I really like to see everyone improve, with every practice. I play the quarterback position, and I really enjoyed that place on the team because I get to be a team leader.

How long have you been playing on the team? I have been on the Marathon football team since eighth grade. I’ve always loved sports a lot, but my parents encouraged me to grow taller before I took to the pitch. Now it’s my favorite sport and the sport I’m the best at.

Describe one of your best times in athletics. My most memorable moment was actually a fun one. It was our first game of the season last fall and my first game as a quarterback. I had left one of my bags of towels and equipment at home. As you can imagine, my coach was not happy with me. This error put me back in order. Every game since I have been fully kitted out and ready to play. It was a good reminder of the responsibility I have to take on the pitch.

Coach Childress says… “Let’s get better every day. It pushes me to become the best and to be the best every day, whether I’m in the weight room or in the field, to be successful.


The Upper Keys Weekly is proud to partner with the Coral Shores Sports Department to showcase this week’s “Canes Sports Standout”. Recipients are chosen on the basis of their academic excellence qualifications, academic level and community involvement. We thank our future leaders and the CSHS Sports Department for allowing us to share a little “hurricane pride”.


A member of Canes’ basketball team for four years and the football team for three years, Gutierrez said he loves to compete on the grill and take a hit or a big catch. Growing up, Gutierrez always loved sports and wanted to be the best athlete he could be at Coral Shores. Gutierrez said athletics taught him the discipline and the belief to “work hard for what I want”. Along with sports, he enjoys cooking and showcasing his talents in the kitchen. He is considering getting certified to become a personal trainer. As for those who helped him succeed, Gutierrez said Ms. T. had always looked out for him throughout high school. Her advice to young Coral Shores student-athletes? “Hit the weight room. Surpass your peers and bide your time. Gutierrez said he wanted to be known as a hard worker and a leader who guides the lower class and motivates them to improve.

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