LASTMA identifies officer who assaulted motorist in viral video

The chief executive of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Mr Bolaji Oreagba, has blamed an agency officer for assaulting a motorist.

In a statement obtained on Friday, Oreagba said agency officers “must at all times maintain decorum and civility in the performance of their duties on the road and in the public domain.”

He said this in light of an online video where a LASTMA officer was seen assaulting a suspected traffic offender in the agency’s yard in Ilasan.

He identified the officer as Alabi Olanipekun.

According to the boss of LASTMA, Alabi said he wanted to prevent the motorist from making a video at the time of the attack.

Oreagba during a meeting with the complainant, Edenze Daniel Uchenna, in his office, assured him that the officer would face disciplinary action as enshrined in the current rules and regulations of the civil service, while the necessary sanctions will be applied in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The Director General further “warned officers that henceforth any staff member found guilty of acting unprofessionally in the performance of their duties would themselves be to blame, as such action negates the training and retraining invested in them by the government of the state”.

The plaintiff, Edenze, was quoted as thanking the state government for the actions taken so far.

He also thanked the CEO and management for the hearing and noted that he was not well informed that he could obtain redress easily from LASTMA.

Oreagba urged “road users to always abide by the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Act, 2018, enacted by the Lagos State Legislative Assembly, so that we can all together do advance the State to a greater height”.

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