Latest coronavirus: Japanese newspaper Asahi calls for Tokyo Olympics to be canceled

More … than 10,000 “revolutionary” cases of coronavirus were reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the end of April, by which time about 100 million Americans had been fully immunized. Between January 1 and April 30, a total of 10,262 people tested positive despite having been fully vaccinated, in what is known as a rupture infection.

New home sales in the United States fell more than expected last month. New home sales, which account for around 10 percent of the housing market, fell 5.9% in April compared to March at an annualized rate of 863,000 units, the Commerce Department said Tuesday.

United Airlines said on Tuesday that it would be profitable in the third quarter due to higher prices for domestic summer travel. As business travel remains depressed, the Chicago-based company said in a paper that it expects domestic leisure returns for summer travel to exceed 2019 levels. Return measures price. average ticket for a given distance.

Siberian province to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for some workers after several Officials have warned Russia’s vaccine uptake is extremely slow. Aisen Nikolaev, governor of Yakutia in northeast Siberia, said employers were required to vaccinate all education staff, staff at children’s summer camps and workers in the event industry, under penalty of a fine of 200,000 Rbs (2,700 dollars).

A 2018 file photo shows residents of the remote Siberian province of Yakutia harvesting ice from a frozen lake © AFP / Getty Images

Moderna to join effort to vaccinate children against Covid-19 after phase three trial shows its vaccine is safe and effective in children under 18. The vaccine was shown to be 100% effective 14 days after the second injection in a trial involving 3,732 adolescents aged 12 to 17, the company said. Children received doses of 100 mg, the same dose as the vaccine given to adults, and experienced no significant safety concerns.

The self-employed and people with the lowest incomes remain hardest hit in UK during pandemic. The same groups whose finances were initially affected by the crisis remained in the worst situation until mid-April, the Bureau of National Statistics said. The self-employed were three times more likely to report reduced income than employees and twice as likely to use savings to cover the cost of living.

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