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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 9, 2022 / — Media are struggling to attract readers as the feed is inundated with news and hard to follow.

To combat this, many companies are developing AI-powered news software to find what interests you and generate a personalized profile for you containing news that matches your interests.

In an effort to grab the attention of busy readers, this technology is being touted as the answer to an important problem of the digital age.

Alexander Elder believes that the use of such technology will help alleviate the problem of “information overload”.

It highlights the positive impacts technology would have on news consumers and the media by relieving them of the burden of finding reading material.

Younger generations are particularly likely to dwell on the stressful task of information management. Alexander is therefore convinced that technology would prevent them from falling into the clutches of misinformation.

Elder decided to launch his Lil Durk media, intending to provide news content exclusively and only using this technology.

He hopes to create a personalized experience for each reader.

Its goal is to develop a newsreader that will be better than what is currently on the market.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lil Durk is looking to expand into other cities and territories.

Currently, Lil Durk media relies heavily on the support of its readers through the website.

To help attract more readers and investors, the company offers social media management services and press release services.

Elder’s general impression of the situation is that news readers are overwhelmed by all the different news sources.

Yet if they could just be fed stories that interest them instead, the problem would be solved or significantly reduced.

The problem is that the current system doesn’t do that, so Elder hopes to create a more convenient alternative.

Elder thinks that in addition to helping people consume news more easily, it would also help the media themselves.

Many companies cannot afford to replenish their inventory of stories daily because they are already depleted.

Building a website has become increasingly complicated and expensive, so if this technology allowed the media to reduce the number of articles they have to write daily, they could devote more resources elsewhere.


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