Live Big Brother 23 spoilers: nominations for week 7!

The week 7 nominations are official in the Big Brother 23 house – so who is in danger at the moment?

After the head of the household’s victory last night, Sarah Beth spent an incredibly long time having a conversation with Kyland – a conversation that really dictated more what she did than any other conversation she’s had. She ended up just naming Claire and Derek F., not that it mattered much.

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What matters more than anything else today is the renaming of roulette. What is that? Depending on how people play their BB Bucks, someone might gain the power to take someone off the block within the next couple of weeks. Who goes up instead? Someone chosen at random. It’s a really chaotic twist, and probably the weakest of the High Roller’s Room if you’re targeting a specific person. If you are just trying to save someone, however, there is some efficiency in that.

At the moment, it looks like Sarah Beth’s potential targets are Derek X. or Alyssa, depending on what’s going on. If that happens, it’s another huge win for the Cookout – and yet another HoH where someone else does the dirty work for them. Keep in mind that Christian and Derek X have spent their own reign as head of the household taking down non-Cookout targets, and no one in the game has been able to fully understand them yet.

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What do you want to happen in the Big Brother 23 is the house moving?

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