Live games in online casinos: should you try them?

Until recently, live dealer mode was just a cool casino feature, but over time it has become a staple for any online platform. In some game clubs, each game has its analogue in Live mode. You don’t have to search for real gambling establishments to have an unforgettable experience of playing with real professional dealers – all you need is your smartphone.

Main features of live play

Playing in Live mode is not fundamentally different from the usual digital version. To access it, a player must register with an online casino and make a deposit. By the way, one can find some cool casino bonus codes on Casinobrend which will improve your gaming experience. After that you need to go to a special section with live games and select the desired option (for example, the European roulette or craps).

After that, the player is transferred to the hall with the other participants. When everything is ready, a video call with the dealer is initiated. All actions can be viewed live. Sometimes an online chat is also available, where you can communicate with each other and even ask the dealer questions. Fast internet speed and unlimited rates allow you to deliver Full HD broadcasts with perfect picture quality.

Types of live games

By going to the live games section, you will be surprised by the number of proposals available. In some online casinos it reaches several hundred options. Traditionally, the most popular choice for casino players is live roulette. All types of poker are also very popular. It’s a unique opportunity to play against other players without leaving home. Blackjack is also a popular card game. It seduces with its simplicity and its ability to use different strategies. In live mode, they work much better, because no matter how good the random number generator is, it can only offer a simulation of a real probability theory.

Meanwhile, more exotic live games are gaining popularity. For example, there are many variations of the wheel of fortune. If you’ve always wanted to feel like a TV show participant, now you can do that with just a few clicks after making a deposit.

Benefits of playing with a live dealer

The secret to the success of live dealer casinos is the clear advantages over digital versions of the games. Each player finds something for himself, but there are several main advantages that he can give you:

  • A chance to experience the atmosphere of a real gaming club;

  • Calm betting pace, which gives you more control over your bankroll without setting limits;

  • Guarantee of fair prices. No software is used to calculate the results, as they are determined by human actions;

  • Ability to use different strategies more effectively;

  • Active chat with professional dealers;

  • Ability to play from any device.

There is almost no downside to this game mode. The only one is the need to wait for the dealer’s actions, whereas in emulation all events happen instantly.

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