McAfee: How to start a career in cybersecurity

The latest gadget on the streets of tech and fashion is Ray-Ban stories, a sunglasses collaboration between Facebook and Ray-Ban. These pairs of shades have dual cameras that capture video, audio, and photos and sync with a mobile app. Social media fanatics are excited about this new ability to capture and share content hands-free.

Do gadgets like Ray-Ban Stories immediately make you think, “Great, but what about the red flags when it comes to security and privacy? If so, a career in cybersecurity might be right for you. Everyone benefits from implementing cybersecurity best practices in their daily lives, and those who pursue careers in the field enjoy many benefits.

Check out these four benefits of a cybersecurity career, and find out if this might be the way for you.

1. Do good in the world

One of the perks of working in cybersecurity is going to work every day knowing that you are helping people. Nightly news reports are littered with information about major disruption caused by cyber attacks, such as the Colonial pipelineincident. Sometimes even people’s lives are at stake in cybersecurity, as in the case of security vulnerabilities of connected pacemakers.

Cyber ​​security professionals may feel good that their jobs give people the confidence to go about their day-to-day business without worry. The fear of identity theft, Phishing, and malwareprevent people from taking full advantage of their connected devices and the Internet. The technology is capable of incredible feats, and everyone should be able to use it with enthusiasm.

2. Earn a great salary

Saving the world from cybercriminals is both financially and personally rewarding. Cyber ​​security professionals are in high demand as almost all businesses in all industries are at risk of breach, DDoS, Where ransomware attackat any time. Entry-level mid-level jobs are starting up again CA $ 80,000. Seasoned professionals can do six figures. Additionally, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, so you will likely enjoy strong job security.

3. Work in a global industry

Another benefit of a cybersecurity career is the opportunity to work in a global industry. You will meet colleagues and clients from all over the world. The diversity of perspectives and backgrounds can make every day a learning experience.

If you are a frequent traveler, working in cybersecurity allows you to explore the world. First, a lot of the work you would do can be done remotely. As long as you have a secure and strong internet connection and are comfortable with time zone differences, you may be able to work from anywhere. In addition, there are travel opportunities for international conferences and meetings with satellite offices or clients.

Working in a global industry means you can be a cybersecurity ambassador for your home country. For example, if your home country has developed innovative new technology, you may have the opportunity to teach others abroad. Or, if another country has developed an exciting new technology, you can learn more and perhaps adapt it to your location.

4. Specialize in an area that speaks to you

Cyber ​​security is a highly specialized field, which means that there is certainly a branch that is playing with your strengths and of interest to you. Also, if you are fed up with one aspect of the domain, you can probably stay with the same company but switch departments.

Here are some areas of cybersecurity specialization that might interest you:

  • Responsible for confidentiality.If you’re a leader at heart, a Privacy Officer may be the job for you. Privacy experts have a deep understanding of global privacy regulations, such as GDPR and PIPEDA, and drive their organization to be fully compliant.
  • Security researcher.A security researcher monitors the current threat landscape across all operating systems. They find the malicious code, then reverse engineer the bugs to understand how they work. Because of their incredible work and diligence, security researchers protect people, not just their devices. It is an exciting career path; you never know what the day will bring you, and it takes quick thinking.
  • Engineer.Join the team at ground level and create security solutions from scratch! If you’re interested in coding and problem-solving, this path is for you.

Start your cybersecurity career journey today

McAfee can help you achieve your cybersecurity career aspirations. It’s an exciting and rapidly evolving field, and McAfee is at the forefront of new innovations. Consult current Career openings at McAfeeand start your new career today!

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