Mother forces children to eat skittles for a “steady month” before they find they taste like “rotting meat” or “dirty diapers.”

A mummy fed them children Zombie Skittles for a whole month before they realized what they were and now is their contribution Go viral.

mummy and photographer Emily Massingill has gained over 100,000 Likes, 32,000 Comments and 89,000 Shares when she based her story on. published Facebook.

Now exactly how The mother who was horrified to find she was in the wrong car scolding a teenager about tampons, Emily’s weird mistake is making the rounds online!

Emily’s post reads, “If you feel like a bad mom today, don’t worry. I fed my cones with these cones children For a whole month not noticing that there is a skittle in there that tastes like rotting meat or dirty diapers in the garbage …

“They kept telling me they didn’t like the cones and I told them either to eat them or they would never have candy again if they were ungrateful.”

The mother’s post gained so much audience – and so much backlash – that she felt the need to edit the post to add more detail.

“Edit to add, now [that] that has blown up what is crazy for me: I don’t give my children candy EVERY DAY. But for a month when they got candy they got that. They only had about six-packs or something …

“Also, for anyone who says I am a terrible parent and am ruining my children’s lives, my Venmo @emilymichellephotos is if you want to add to their therapy fund for later in life. You will need the best because of this incident, I assure you. “

In response to additional criticism, Emily reworked the post to appeal to her haters: “Edit edit: ‘Why would you make your kids eat something they don’t like?’ It’s bowling, not horseradish, sit down, listen to yourself. The ones I ate were okay, unfortunately for my children. “

Not everyone agreed that the Skittles story was funny …

Emily’s mail received mixed reactions. Some parents found the story hilarious while others disliked its methods.

“The poor kid will have Skittle’s PTSD later in life. Your traumatized face is killing me, ”wrote one parent, laughing emojis in tow.

“This is fantastic !! One day your kids will look back on it and laugh so hard with you. And hey … maybe they don’t want candy anymore ?!” another user commented.

“The best Russian roulette ever. My son ate them and he’s fine [he would just] spit out the bad guys, ”wrote one mother.

“My children refused them too. Similar ‘ungrateful child’ thoughts, but I ended up eating a pack and nearly vomiting. Even so, the whole bag was thrown away. We laughed about it, ”shared another parent.

“Crazy that you had to do two edits [because] ppl are so stupid and pretend to be the # 1 parent 24/7, ”commented one user.

“I laugh so hard! I can’t believe people actually took the time to attack you as a mom. We’ve all done funny little things that leave our kids scarred for life … just like our parents did us. Folks cheer!!!” wrote another parent.

“Poor children. So parents should listen more when they say they don’t like something, ”wrote one disapproving parent.

“Yeah, sorry, I can’t really agree with this post, nor do I find it funny … From someone who spent four months at an eating disorder clinic in Denver, many people develop similar eating disorders from childhood experiences.” Example: A parent lets a child eat Food that’s disgusting that they don’t want to eat and basically say if they don’t eat that Food then they get nothing else and are ungrateful. There’s a lot of psychology behind this … Very harmful, ”wrote another user.

“You give your children a pair [of] small pieces (like skittles) every day are not the problem. The problem is, you want to assume that your children are difficult and ungrateful. You need to treat your children with respect and listen to them when they say they don’t like something. Her answer should have been, “Oh no. Well, then we can try a different candy, not, ‘I just assumed the first thing I did was that you were ungrateful,’ ”one parent wrote.

While the internet may never agree on Emily’s Skittle story, we can all agree on one point: that Skittles must have a very talented taste team to capture tastes so disgusting that even young children won’t want to eat them!

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