Netskrt Systems | Improved on-board Wi-Fi performance for rail

Improved on-board Wi-Fi performance for rail

Keep the promise of Internet video. ALL OVER.

Netskrt Edge Content Delivery Network (eCDN) improves onboard Wi-Fi performance and passenger satisfaction by enabling internet video streaming from popular content delivery providers, without consuming precious bandwidth cellphone bandwidth from the train to the Internet.

Netskrt Systems provides rail operators with a managed service allowing passengers to watch ultra-high definition (UHD) videos from their preferred suppliers using their own subscriptions over on-board Wi-Fi networks. This is vital for passengers as they accelerate the transition to internet streaming video and move away from linear broadcast television or outdated on-board video-on-demand libraries.

The managed service is provided through the Netskrt Peripheral Content Delivery Network (eCDN). It combines cloud-based machine learning with network-sensitive edge caching to provide a CDN capable of serving rail passengers the same way they are served at home.

Give passengers what they really want

Once in place, passengers can use their own devices and subscriptions to watch Ultra High Definition (UHD) movies and shows, as well as select live broadcasts such as sporting events. The entire visual experience is completely transparent and indistinguishable from what passengers experience at home.

More importantly, the Netskrt eCDN preserves the 4G and 5G cellular bandwidth train to the internet, which is usually the main bottleneck, thus improving the internet experience for passengers.

Given the way it optimizes bandwidth, the Netskrt eCDN also reduces the long-term costs that rail operators face as they struggle to meet ever-changing passenger demands.

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