News: Fed. Police say 111 illegal internet media outlets identified, ten suspects under investigation for ‘disturbing’ country’s ‘peace and security’

Ethiopian Federal Police Headquarters

Addis Abeba – The Federal Police Commission said it has gathered information and identified 111 “illegal” media outlets on the Internet that engage in the dissemination of content inciting conflict over ethnic and religious issues without a broadcast license, in accordance with the Ethiopian Media Proclamation No. 1238/2021 .

The Federal Police statement said that the police have “identified 10 people under investigation suspected of disseminating content ‘disrupting the peace and security of the country.’ However, the statement did not mention their names.

The announcement comes as a police crackdown over the past week has seen at least a dozen journalists, commentators and media workers detained by police. Many of them come from various YouTube-based media houses.

“These individuals have formulated various provocative programs and disseminated hate speech to undermine the peace and security of our country and create suspicion between ethnic and religious groups,” the statement said.

Police also said they “confirmed that the individuals had no legal status and were not registered in accordance with Media Proclamation No. 1238/2021. The individuals were also found to be using their media followers to spread false and contradictory information for money.

The Federal Police warned people “who make information available to the public through any medium must obey the law and order of the land and act responsibly in a lawful manner”, and that “the police will continue to intensify their investigations into those who do. not obey the law. »

In addition, the police warned the public to “refrain from using any information” and to “carefully consider” the information and fulfill the national duty “in exposing and handing over those who illegally engage in” l ‘inciting religious and ethnic conflict’. He also said the police will ‘continue to strengthen their law enforcement efforts’ in conjunction with other security and law enforcement agencies. AS