Newspapers and TV channels must not invade each other’s fields: Info Minister

Minister of Information, Dr. Hasan Mahmud. Photo: Collected


Minister of Information, Dr. Hasan Mahmud. Photo: Collected

Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud today called on everyone to follow rules and regulations when operating IPTV, YouTube channels and online portals.

He also warned that if anyone breaks the rules, legal action will be taken.

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After a discussion with representatives of the Association of Television Station Owners (ATCO) at the ministry this afternoon, he made the remarks.

“We have approved online portals of (print) newspapers. We have been approached by a number of newspapers and magazines wanting to sign up for online portals. There was a stipulation that only content published on paper can be made available online. to go beyond. Adding a YouTube channel and broadcasting news or talk shows were not to be done. Since they are not approved, we will take action against them based on ATCO’s recommendation,” the information minister said.

The Minister further stated: “One must not invade the domain of the other. Television stations should not publish magazines, and likewise, newspapers should not broadcast news. Those who manage the TV channels’ online portals must also obtain approval.

“Free flow of information is important to our government. Many new private TV channels have appeared over the years. The journey of private TV in Bangladesh started with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” the minister said. .

“A lot of TV stations have online portals. Some of the applications have been approved. Some of them have yet to be approved. Our goal is to provide accurate information to people and ensure the free flow of information, which is a prerequisite for a democratic society,” the Minister added.