NGO launches online media and pledges to fight fake news

A non-governmental organization (NGO), Sought and Help Initiative, has launched a news and media website through one of its brands, Goodwill Ambassadors of Nigeria.

The group’s founder, Ambassador Daniel Soetan, in a press statement on Friday in Abuja, said: “Humanity TV is the country’s premier media organization dedicated to quality, independent reporting on what is going well.” .

Soetan, who is committed to fighting fake news through this medium, said, “We are pioneering a medium with vigorous and relevant journalism focused on progress, possibility and solutions.

“Although it has long been known that the media seems to be obsessed with negative news and many have defended this view that good news is rare, we saw this as an opportunity to make a difference.

“As a news and movement site, we are changing that narrative. We would like to prove that it’s not that good news is scarce; it’s its dissemination and reporting that isn’t a style.

“Through our website and social media channels, we will report news, conduct interviews, create content and spark interactions and engagements that will be a daily dose of hope for millions of readers and followers.”

Finding revealed media websites like Positive News and Good News media based in Spain and India are doing well with a similar idea.